Key Habit for Small Business Owner

The Most Important Habit That Will Contribte to Small Business Success

Napoleon Hill spent most of his life studying the most successful entrepreneurs in American history.  He analysed men like Ford, Edison and Carnegie at length.  He concluded that success followed predictable and distinct patterns of behavior.  He suggested that all men and women have similar options open to them. He argued that great success and achievement were available to any and all who would choose to follow certain requirements which he spelled out in his many books.

Mr Hill was the architect of the philosophy of success.  He was a pioneer and an original thinker.  Many books and articles have copied his ideas, but he remains the master.   Of all the great human accomplishments in the 20th century, the judgement of history will inevitably rank the commentaries of Napoleon Hill among them.

I hope you will gain some small benefit from this section.

However, as you read through the article, it will become obvious it was well before the time of equality of the sexes.  Just bear with this anachronism.

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An important principle of success in all walks of life and in all occupations is a willingness to Go the Extra Mile; which means the rendering of more and better service than that for which one is paid, and giving it in a positive mental attitude.

Search wherever you will for a single sound argument against this principle, and you will not find it, nor will you find a single instance of enduring success which was not attained in part by its application.

The principle is not the creation of man.  It is a part of Nature’s handiwork, for it is obvious that every living creature below the intelligence of man is forced to apply the principle in order to survive.

Many may disregard the principle if he chooses, but he cannot do so and at the same time enjoy the fruits of enduring success.

The 12 Key Advantages of the habit of GOING THE EXTRA MILE… 
  1. The habit brings the favorable attention of those who can and will provide opportunities for self-advancement.It tends to make one indispensable, in many different human relationships and it therefore enables him to command more than average compensation for personal services.
  2. It leads to mental growth and to physical skill and perfection in many forms of endeavor  thereby adding to one’s earning capacity.
  3. It protects one against the loss of employment, when scarce and places him in a position to command the choicest jobs.
  4. It enables one to profit by the law of contrast since the majority of people do not practice the habit.
  5. It leads to the development of a positive, pleasing mental attitude, which is essential for enduring success.
  6. It tends to develop a keen, alert imagination because it is a habit which inspires one continuously to seek new and better ways of rendering service.
  7. It develops the important quality of personal initiative.
  8. It develops the self-reliance and courage.
  9. It serves to build the confidence of others in one’s integrity.
  10. It aids the mastery of the destructive habit of procrastination.
  11. It develops definiteness of purpose, insuring one against the common habit of aimlessness.
  12. There is still another great reason for following the habit of going the extra mile.  It gives one the only logical reason for asking for increased compensation.
If a man performs no more service than that for which he is being paid, then obviously he is receiving all the pay to which he is entitled.

He must render as much service as that for which he is being paid, in order to hold his job, or to maintain his source of income, regardless of how he earns.

But he has the privilege always of rendering an over plus of service as a means of accumulating a reserve credit of goodwill, and to provide a just reason for demanding more pay, a better position, or both.

Every position based upon a salary or wages provides one with an opportunity to advance himself by the application of this principle, and it is important to note that the American system of free enterprise is operated on a basis of providing every worker in industry with a proper incentive to apply the principle.

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