What Can We Learn From America’s Favorite Leader

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Earning the loyalty and respect of your employees can be a difficult task on its own, so how can you build a leadership they’ll love? An employee review website recently released a ranking of the highest-rated CEO’s in America, and we can learn a thing or two from one of the most loved leaders of today.14868533_s

Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn

It’s almost impossible to please everyone, especially with more than 5,000 employees. Yet somehow, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner seems to have done just that. Weiner maintains an incredible 100% approval rating from his employees, far above the average of 69%, which pretty much makes him a leadership superhero. What does he do that makes his employees exceptionally happy?

  • Transparency

On the review site, Weiner’s employees praise him for his emphasis on complete transparency within the company. He says leaders should treat people “like adults” and they won’t have information leaks. Weiner holds a virtual, biweekly meeting where all 5,000 of his employees attend from 26 offices around the world. In the meetings, he discusses important information on the status of LinkedIn, including plans for acquisitions. In other words, trust in your people, and they will usually live up to your expectations. Not only does this help with confidentiality- as curiosity can breed chaos- but transparency also builds faith in leadership and fosters loyalty.

  • Company Culture

“We set about establishing very clearly what our values were,” Weiner said. “And far more important than that, we live them… and that starts with leadership.” The culture of LinkedIn has employees ranting and raving, and plays a huge role in the overall approval of its CEO. The important thing to note is that there are two parts to creating a company culture: establishing values, and following them every day. One employee wrote, “I feel like I am part of a family… HR and Management do an excellent job evaluating candidates’ cultural fit during the hiring process.” The culture of your organization, and how you live it out as a leader, is vital to creating leadership that employees love.

  • Perks

The perks offered to LinkedIn employees are one of the most frequently mentioned points of praise for Weiner. Employees’ approval of the wide range of perks range from “great gym” and “delicious food,” to “the perfect work-life balance” and “foosball, ping-pong and team outings.” The generous offerings to employees seem to have a significant impact on the morale and overall happiness of the workplace, with one employee writing:  “I am excited to get in the office every morning and have to force myself to leave in the evening.” Attention to your employees’ happiness is crucial in achieving a leadership they will love.

These traits are among the common themes cited for top-rated CEOs, so this isn’t a one-hit-wonder type of case. By emphasizing transparency, culture, and perks within your organization, you’ll be able to build leadership that has your employees falling head-over-heels. Who knows – maybe you’ll be voted the next most-loved leader in America!