New-Hire Process In 7 Simple Steps

3D man puzzle piecesFinding a good employee can be a difficult process – especially for the small business owner.  Investing time and resources to search, interview, hire, on-board and train the new employee – only to have them not be what you had expected.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Your success rates can be significantly improved with some initial preparation and following 7 Simple Steps.

Each step may require some learning, but by creating a system within your organization that follows this outline, you are bound to see real improvement in your results – and less costs to the company

Before you begin talking to candidates – do the following…
  • Create written ‘picture’ of the IDEAL candidate.  Write clear description of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of the position
  • Draft the Ad
  • Distribute Ad
    • COI
    • Employees
    • Strategic PartnersVendors / Suppliers
    • Professional Associations / Groups / Chambers
    • Job Posting Sites
  • Follow the planned Interview process for all candidates
  • Establish / Confirm PXT Performance Model for the position

 “Don’t judge a book by its cover, and don’t believe what you read on a resume!”

 1) Pre-Screening:
     De-Selection Process – find a reason to get them out of the selection pool
     Test them on small things – can they follow directions?  Will they do what you ask?
2) Group Interview – this is a leverage for Managements time, not the candidate
     This should take less than 2 hours
Team member involvement
3) Prior to Individual Interview #1
     Criminal Background Checks,
     CCAP – Consolidated Court Automated Programs,
     SOR – Sexual Offender Registry
     Drivers License ,

SOSII: Reliability, Work Ethic,

     Social Media search
4) Individual Interview #1

Job Shadow
Skills Test
Tools / Experience review