ABC Client Giving Away $6000 To Help Another Small Business

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A client that has worked with Advanced Business Coaching ( for just over 4 years has had a great year. In 2014, the business has made over $600,000 profit and the owner has worked less than 20 hours per week. The owner would like to ‘pay it forward’ and offer 1% of their profits to help another small business owner get the personal, professional and financial benefits of being helped by Advanced Business Coaching.

Our client is providing a $6000 scholarship to one (1) business owner that is willing to make the commitment to grow their business. Our client feels that the results they’ve experienced over the past few years can duplicated in just about any business and they don’t want ‘money’ to get in the way of reaching future success for other small business owners. The $6,000 will be applied to the first 6 months of ABC Program Fees.

Our client knows that many business owners have significant challenges, but they have seen the huge results of creating a New Vision, getting re-energized to grow their business, and the power of applying the proven principles and practices that drive profits and growth. The winner of the $6000 scholarship will be chosen by my client and will be selected by January 31, 2015 from qualified applicants.

A qualified applicant(s) will be owner(s) of a privately-held or family-owned business in Southeastern Wisconsin. They should have between 3-50 employees but can be in any industry or service sector. The most important things for the owner(s) will be to have the Desire To Grow their business, and a Willingness To Change.

All applicants should submit a short email to that includes their business contact information / website and outlines these 3 things…
1) Current Situation: What are the biggest challenges to your business?
2) Desired Outcomes: What would you like your business to look like in 3-5 years?
3) What You’ve Tried: What are some of the things you’ve tried to change things?

If you have questions, you can email Michael at or call Advanced Business Coaching at 262.293.3166.