Frequently Asked Questions Before Working With a Business Coach

Why Do I Need A Business Coach / Consultant?
Small business owners rarely have someone they can talk to or bounce idea off of.  They usually have no one to hold them accountable for decisions or actions, that they may not like, or want, to make.  Our role is to help the owner / leader to understand the importance of actions and decisions to the achievement of their goals, and help them overcome the barriers that present themselves.  Very often the owner/leader is the problem.

How Do I Know This Will Work For Me and My Business?
This program will only work for about 20% of the owners that request information to learn more about what we do.   100%  of the clients that have been successful have had the DESIRE TO GROW AND THE WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE.  If you don’t want your business to grow OR aren’t willing to change some of the ways you do things, this program will not work for you.

What is the Difference Between a Business Coach and a Business Consultant?
Coaches teach, guide and mentor.  Consultants do things and deliver results.  Advanced Business Coaching  provides the best of both worlds.   We find that clients need both coaching and consulting, at different times, to achieve their goals in the shortest possible time frame.

How Much Does This Cost and How Are Payments Structured?
Our programs are designed in 4 levels that meet 90% of our client’s needs.  The investment amount will vary for each level.  For most clients, results begin to manifest in about 90 days, it takes about 12 months to see significant bottom-line improvements.  The other 10% of clients provide opportunities for us to provide custom solutions to their needs.

The programs usually involve a 1-time Alignment/Roadmap process (which allows us the opportunity to get details on the current situation and desired outcomes.  The 2nd part of our work is covered by a monthly retainer paid by ACH or credit card.  This fee covers all costs of interactions, meeting, tools, techniques, systems and processes that will be provided.  Anything not covered by the retainer will be communicated upfront and well in advance.  There are no surprise costs or hidden charges.

Advanced Business Coaching is so confident that we will deliver results that we can also offer a contingency program to selected clients.  We will take a smaller monthly fee and then take a percentage of the growth that is achieved from our work together.  This may not make sense for everyone, but has worked successfully for some of our clients.  With these contingency programs, there is a minimum term agreement of 12 months.

How Does This Work?
The Alignment/Roadmap process can take 30-60 days, depending on the size of business and what is to be included.  There is a significant time investment in gathering if information, analyzing data and structuring the 36 month plan.  Once completed, we use the Roadmap to determine the specific, prioritized goals and related action steps to create a 90 -day plan.

The weekly 1 hour meetings are designed to provide focus, accountability and leverage of time and talent, while allowing the owner leader to continue to run their business.
In addition to weekly meetings, it is expected that 2-3 hours of time will be the owner/ leader working ON their business – not IN it.  Don’t worry – We will help you find that time!

How Long Does The Relationship Last?
In 2017, the average client stays on board about 53 months.   Some have been clients for more than 10 years, some for only a few months.  That is at the total discretion of the client.  Program results start almost immediately, but start to reflect on the bottom line significantly at 12 months.  We don’t want unhappy clients, so if a client EVER feels like they are not getting value, they just need to let us know and give us 30 days to address the concern.  If, after the 30 days, the client is still not getting value, we will end the relationship.  No contracts, no long term agreements.

What Can I Expect to Get From Our Time Together?
A business owner can expect to see improvement in their business and to achieve the realistic goals they’ve set.  These goals generally fall into the categories of more Time, Team or Money.  How that manifests in each business is very much defined by the owner. In addition to helping to achieve the specific goals of the business owner, we want to enhance the lives of our business owner clients, by finding ways for them to achieve more BALANCE.

What Is The ROI?
The Return on Investment with our program is, again, defined by the client, but we have found ways to quantify the results our clients have achieved.  In 2012, the ROI for our clients that were with us for at least 12 months was $3.97:1 in gross profit, time or efficiency to the business.  Those number have risen every year.  Our clients most recent numbers have shown average  ROI of $11.17 NET PROFIT for every coaching dollar invested