Why So Many Name Changes?…

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose  By any other name would smell as sweet” 

                                                                                          – William Shakespeare – Romeo & Juliet

For those that are interested, I wanted to share some background and history that led to the ActionCOACH >Kanketa Systems >Advanced Business Coaching transition  of recent past.   By providing this 800 word summary of the last 9 years of business, I hope to share insight and information for those that may be curious.  For those not interested, I would expect you have more important things to do with your time than invest it here, reading this.

For a variety of reasons, after 7 years of franchise ownership, there was a need for me to move away from some of the associations, well established images and brand names.  Those things had been a protective umbrella since 2005.  The franchise experience was good for many reasons, but one great reason was because 2 years into my franchise agreement, Action International changed its name to something that could be marketed globally – ActionCOACH.    That name change gave me some experience in re-branding.  My years of advertising, promotion, informational presentations and community involvement have been the tools used to brand my business – and the ActionCOACH franchise.  Those marketing efforts had the benefit of building my personal brand, and growing the personal relationships within the community, and the potential customer base, that I wanted to develop.  The Name does not make a business successful, the business makes the name successful.

Marketing is one thing,  but, the core of success in business is that you need to deliver GREAT client results and satisfaction.  If you do that – the business name won’t make any difference.  If you don’t – the name wont make any difference.

So, most of what was done over the past 10 years was 1) to build the personal and professional brand AND 2) deliver strong client results.  Those two things have created momentum and opportunity for growth and a separation from the franchise business model.  The need to separate became clear in late 2010.  In 2012, Advanced Business Coaching, Inc. (ABC) was created.  ABC became the parent company of number of small service-related entities providing services to the same target market, but not the ‘brand name’ being promoted.  One of those services was Kanketa Systems (KANKETA is defined as ‘Balance’).  It was formed out of the acquisition of a start-up business consulting group that began serving clients in 2011 and brought into the ABC umbrella.

In 2012, the new and updated VISION of Kanketa Systems was to bring Big Business principles, practices, processes, procedures, tools, and techniques to the small business owner with less than 30 employees.  Our  program advisors pro-actively work with business owners to achieve their business owners desired outcomes in the quickest, and most efficient manner possible.  The focus was clear…. a shared target market where we could combine successful coaching/mentoring techniques, solid business education and proven consulting systems and processes to develop something new and exciting.

Kanketa Systems was the brand name for the new organization.  The common target market, laser focus on client results, and improved internal systems to deliver those results helped to allow for growth in volume and staffing needs.  As the business began to grow, the distractions of a growing business took their toll as good people became part of the team.  For a variety of reasons, many of the team were not able to make the time and energy commitment to be successful.  In all areas of our lives, we are the sum of all that we’ve experienced to the is point.  Business is no different.  We learn and adapt as we go.

In late 2013, Advanced Business Coaching absorbed Kanketa Systems to increase the breadth and depth of offerings to our clients.  Tools that were once only available and affordable to Big Business were now available and having a positive impact on businesses with less than 150 employees.   Advanced Business Coaching bow offers the widest range of education, guidance, training and and consulting services available to the small business owner.   We also have the broadest range of highly rated Pre-hire, Post-hire, Job Matching, Management Assessment and HR Talent Management tools available in the world.  The delivery systems that made ABC more effective and efficient were working extremely well.. We were finding ways to help clients get clear on their goals, measure results and show them ways to improve from their current situation.

So we’re moving forward in 2014 under another name.    Today, Advanced Business Coaching has 30+ years of small business experience in a diverse selection of industries including trucking, health care, professional services, manufacturing, distribution, the trades, non-profit and distribution.   Our offerings have been proven successful no matter what the industry or service sectors.  Our hands-on approach allow us to experience the challenges of the small business owner. And, our experiences from serving 160+ businesses allows us to bring a diverse set of strategies to meet singular challenges facing small business owners today.

So… What’s in a name?  Name’s are important, but not as important as client results.  Although I embrace change – both in my life and for my clients, I expect that this will be the last name change I will initiate.  With this change firmly implemented, the other changes I manifest will be in doing the things what will deliver my clients the results they were unable to achieve without my help.

Thank you for sharing your time and attention to read this brief recap of these chapter of my business life.

Wishing You Health, Happiness, and Abundance