The Top 5 Benefits Of Hiring A Game Changer: “The LeBron Effect”

3D man TeamI’ve not been a strong basketball fan in the past, but my grandson is playing in a 5th grade league and he has gotten me interested in the game.  As Im watching more basketball, I’m finding  a strong relationship between Business and Basketball.  Here is what I’m seeing.

The 2015 NBA finals are well underway. After only one season back with the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James’ effect on ROI for the Cavaliers and the city of Cleveland has proven to be well worth the paycheck he receives. In a recent TLNT article, Dr. John Sullivan shared the amazing impacts since “hiring” LeBron, a term coined “The LeBron Effect” by Time Magazine.

Dr. Sullivan explains that “LeBron shows how hiring a single game changer can transform an entire organization. And the lesson for corporate recruiting executives is that if you want to maximize your business impact, you need to supplement your traditional recruiting with a program that hires exceptional game-changer talent. Game changers in the corporate world are called that because they literally change the game by being pioneers in a product area or industry.”

Below are 5 benefits of hiring a game changer:

1. Transformational performance
Not only does a game changer exhibit high performance and exceptional skills, they also typically bring with them their experiences, network of contacts, and an innovative personality. They can use this skillset to encourage other team members to perform better.

2. They attract additional top talent
When you hire a game changer, it’s very likely that they have worked with other exceptional talent in the past. Adding one game changer to your team can help you recruit other top-performing employees from their network. A game changer may also attract other talent based on their reputation and the opportunity to work with such a person.

3. They provide leadership
Most game changers will exhibit valuable leadership skills as well. They wouldn’t be a game changer without being able to lead change. Their reputation will encourage other employees to accept their ideas, and readily follow them as the leader.

4. They make other employees perform better
“Game changers in sports, like Magic Johnson and LeBron James, are known to energize, inspire, and improve the performance of others around them.” Working with a game changer will encourage most employees to strive to work at that same level. This can improve the overall performance of the team.

5. Improved retention of current employees
Hiring a game changer can cause employees who were thinking of leaving to pause for a moment. They may be inspired by the new possibilities an innovative leader can bring to the company, and change their minds about leaving.

It is evident that hiring a game changer has several benefits. Although the recruiting costs of obtaining this high-performing employee are high, the benefits are well worth it.

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