Searching For The Right Company… Culture Is A Key

14767020_sJob hunting is a daunting process; from spending countless hours searching and applying for jobs, tweaking your resume to match jobs, and exhausting your phone-a-friend networking lines, you can only hope that something good can come from it. After weeks—or even months—of this process you receive an offer to interview, so you begin your company research and prepare answers to the usual interview questions. But what questions do you have for the interviewer? You have invested so much time and effort to get this far, are you really going to accept the job simply because you seemed like a good job fit? That initial feeling of happiness should be carried throughout your career, and company culture is one of the largest contributing factors to your happiness in the workplace. Here are a few ways to learn about a company’s culture before you say “yes” to the job.

Research on social media

You may have noticed a surge in companies building a presence across various social media platforms. This is a good way to see how companies interact with customers and their employees. Some businesses really take advantage of this platform to expose their culture by boasting job perks, company events, and sharing behind-the-scenes footage of day-to-day office activities. You may discover that not all of the organizations you are interested in have jumped on the social media band wagon, but that doesn’t make them less exciting—you just have to look elsewhere to find the answers.

Utilize your connections

Smart companies know that employees are one of the most influential tools used for boosting brand awareness. Take a second look at your network of connections, and see if you can find someone you know who works for (or knows someone who does) the company you are interested in. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people on sites like LinkedIn to learn a little more about the company culture. Most people are willing to help provide some insight.

Ask the interviewer

If you feel confident and connected at the end of your interview, consider asking the interviewer these questions:

  • What are some ways the company focuses on team development?
  • How does this position add value to the company’s success?
  • What do you love about working here?
  • How would you describe the company culture?

You can certainly gather valuable information from the answers you receive, and the interviewer will likely be impressed by your research and additional interest in the company. There is, however, a chance that the interviewer will only highlight the good things, so consider asking more specific and direct questions suggested by like: “How does the company offer praise?”, or “How close-knit is the team?” Be sure to continue your research before you accept the offer.

The journey for employment can be long, but your work days will seem even longer if you find yourself in the right job fit at the wrong company.

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