Culture and Business Growth Go Hand-In-Hand: A Case Study

TEAM topCase Study
Industry: Cosmetic & Family Dentistry:  
25+ Years serving the small community in SE Wisconsin.  The dentist became a client after 21 years of slow growth and high employee turnover.  During the initial interviews, communication issues between Dr and staff were apparent.  Financial pressures continued to build and new patient growth was irregular and not to the level needed to achieve the long-term plan of having an associate dentist join the practice, and, ultimately buy the business in the next 10-15 years.  
The 1-3 year plan was grow the leadership skills of the owner, build a solid team for growth, increase capacity and eventually add another dentist to the practice.  
Using well established, but new employee assessment tools, a refined hiring process and on-going team building and internal communication techniques, the internal culture of the team has significantly improved.  As this effort continues to move forward, it was decided to find the resources to upgrade the offices and move to a paperless office environment.  In 2013, we secured a $100,000 loan and working capital line of credit that allowed for the completion of  newly remodeled office with additional opporatory, new/updated equipment, new website, and increase capacity for Hygiene and office support are all steps that have taken place over the past 12-18 months.
We are on the cusp of needing another dentist.   We have been at 90+% of production capacity for almost 12 months.  Have added an additional hygiene production person 2 days per week and an additional office support person to handle paperwork and insurance claims.   Total patient count has grown by 60% over the last 4 years.   Patient referrals are the biggest source of new patients, but there is no structured growth or marketing plan that has been consistently successful.
The Culture of this team needed to be re-defined.  Working with the owner and the team, they were able to find common ground.  It was this team alignment that enabled the financial investment for remodel and technology upgrades and have laid the groundwork for the additional dentist to come on-board in the next 6 months.  In addition, we’ve noticed a strong level of emotional engagement (read that as improved Culture) of existing staff to help achieve practice-wide goals.  The team understands their role in the growth of the practice and that it will bring stability to their lives and add value to relationships they are building with their employer, team mates, stakeholders and patients
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