5 Quality of Strong Leaders

How many of these things are you currently doing in your business?

stock-photos-leadership-leadership-12185121 Strong Leaders do these consistently.  When they do them the business benefits… and  so do your employees.

1. Develop every employee. It’s the business leader’s job to provide the training, mentoring, and opportunities your employees need and deserve. When you do, you transform the relatively boring process of performance reviews and tracking results into something more meaningful for your employees: Progress, improvement, and personal achievement.  Spend the bulk of your time developing the skills of your employees and achieving goals will be a natural outcome. And, it’s a lot more fun.

2. Deal with problems immediately. Never hope a problem will magically go away, or that someone else will deal with it. Deal with every issue head-on, no matter how small.  Nothing kills team morale more quickly than problems that don’t get addressed.   Small problems never go away.  They always fester and grow into bigger problems. Plus, when you ignore a problem your employees immediately lose respect for you, and without respect, you can’t lead.

3. Rescue your worst employee… if you can.  Before you remove your weak link from the chain, put your full effort into trying to rescue that person instead. Say, “John, I know you’ve been struggling but I also know you’re trying. Let’s find ways together that can get you where you need to be.” Express confidence. Be reassuring.  But set some realistic timeframes for progress.  If you’re lucky, occasionally an employee will succeed—and you will have made a tremendous difference in a person’s professional and personal life.

4. Serve others, not yourself. When employees excel, you and your business excel. When your team succeeds, you and your business succeed. When you rescue a struggling employee and they become remarkable, remember they should be congratulated, not you.  Never say or do anything that in any way puts you in the spotlight, however briefly  If it should go without saying, don’t say it. Your glory should always be reflected, never direct.

5. Always remember where you came from. When an employee wants to talk about something that seems inconsequential, they may just want to spend a few moments with you.  Look at this as an opportunity…to inspire, reassure, motivate, and even give someone hope for greater things in their life. The higher you rise the greater the impact you can make—and the greater your responsibility to make that impact.

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