4 Ways To Keep Productivity Up In Your Workplace

TEAM topI’m no weather person, but it appears that most of the country has finally overcome its gloomy weather, with clear skies and scorching sunny temps in the forecast for the rest of the week. Keep in mind that just because it’s not wet and dreary outside anymore, doesn’t mean that “June Gloom” can’t move through your office. It’s summertime and the livin’s easy… unless your workplace is populated with unmotivated daydreamers who seem to be “doing time” instead of work. Unfortunately, this description is common to many companies; luckily for you, we have done the research and have come up with a few solutions.

As a manager, you may have noticed that employees seem to be a little disconnected around this time. According to this infographic, 25 percent of employees noticed a decline in their productivity during the summer months. Employees are constantly hearing about friends and family taking vacations; many of their contacts and coworkers have an “out of office” autoreply, and they can’t seem to complete a task until that person returns— with sun-kissed skin and 100 new photo uploads to their “vacay” album on Facebook. This slump in productivity and motivation is no stranger to this time of year, so check out these four ways to keep the storm clouds out and productivity in the workplace forecast.

1. Host a summer soirée

Summer is about food and fun, so if your company has already adopted the “casual Friday” tradition, consider designating one of those Fridays a “summer-theme” dress code. Go all out and arrange a company or department-wide BBQ around lunchtime (or order in), put on some Jimmy Buffet, and play some games. This hour will give employees a chance to refresh, move around, and socialize while also serving as a team building exercise. Events like these provide great content for social media and recruitment, in addition to improving productivity and strengthening company culture.

2. Get outdoors

Set up a picnic table or patio set, and encourage employees to work outside and hold meetings there when it’s nice out. A change of scenery, the sound of nature, and vitamin D are just some of the benefits of being outside that help reduce stress and reenergize employee productivity. Switch up the pace and get employees away from their computers and out of the A/C by conducting walking meetings—don’t forget the sunscreen though!

3. Adopt summer hours

CEO, John Meyer at Lemonly shared his experience with summer hours; “We implemented summer hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day, which means we leave early on Friday afternoons. This may seem counterproductive, but even with the loss of two hours of work on a Friday, we saw no loss in productivity.” This is a great motivator for employees to get their work done on time and kick-start the weekend.

4. Refresh and motivate the office

Leading up to summer, things can get pretty hectic around the office. With projects and deadlines, clutter starts to build up, which for a lot of people is a distraction. Use this time to set up small projects to help declutter the workplace by encouraging employees to purge documents they no longer need, clean out their desks, and replenish office supplies. Summer is also a great time to update your company’s technology, resources, and the temperature on the thermostat. A comfortable temperature, tidy office space, and up-to-date technology are great ways to motivate employees to stay focused and boost productivity in the workplace.

It is evident that workplace productivity takes a dip in the summer as employees daydream of vacation destinations and succumb to the distraction of sunny weather.  But research and studies have shown that having fun at work can counteract this decline and increase motivation while making employees happier in the workplace. Try implementing some of these activities and keep “June gloom” out of your office this summer.

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