A Thanksgiving Gift For You From A Successful Client

A ‘Pay It dreamstimeextrasmall_24776938Forward’ gift from one of our very happy clients…

One client is so happy with the results he experienced over the past 3 years that he wants to ‘Pay It Forward’ for 4 business owners that would benefit from working with a Business Coach.   His business has seen significant growth and his life has been enhanced by working with Advanced Business Coaching (ABC) that he wants to help other businesses experience similar benefits.
Our client has set aside $24,000 from his 2016 profits to help cover the investment for 1 years coaching fees.  Each recipient will receive $500/month to apply toward the coaching program that has made them so successful.  Depending on the options selected, that could cover 50% of the costs.
This B2B client has gone from losing $150,000 in 2013 to a NET PROFIT OF OVER $350,000 in 2015.  2016 will be even better!  Click Here To Read More Details
Last year, Advanced Business Coaching clients saw a $10.17 gross profit return on every dollar they invested in a Business Coaching program.    Advanced Business Coaching is so confident of our ability to help you achieve your goals, WE GUARANTEE SUCCESS -in writing.
With Coach Michael on our team the results have been amazing. I’ve learned so much about the business end of MY business. I’ve learned to work on my business and not so much in it. With his help, I now own 3 profitable businesses. He’s a great asset to our team. Thank you!
There are no restrictions or limitations to the ABC services provided.  The ‘winners’ just need to be have the DESIRE to GROW their business and the WILLINGNESS to CHANGE the way the do things.   Both those things are the most common characteristics of ALL our successful clients.
To apply for this generous grant, of if you have questions on how this program may apply to you and your business, you only need to send a short 100 word email to michael@abcbizcoach.com explaining why  think you deserve the money and what changes you’d like to see in your business. Please put ‘SCHOLARSHIP’ in the subject line. Send the email by 12/31/16.  Winners will be notified by email by Friday, January 13, 2017.