How To Recruit Top Talent

Leadership StylesIf your recruitment efforts aren’t turning up any decent prospects consider engaging consultants to help. You can also ask existing employees for referrals, offering a bonus if their suggestion turns into a hire.

Once you’ve found suitable candidates, how do you ensure you’ll make the best choice?

  • Discuss compensation and benefits first. Get to this early in the process and speak frankly. You want to learn as quickly as possible if there’s a match between what you can offer and the candidate’s needs and expectations.
  • Keep company culture and values in mind. Don’t just interview for skill set. Make sure the candidate has the right attitude to fit in—job skills can be taught or expanded upon, but adjusting someone’s attitude is an entirely different ballgame.
  • Don’t rush. Even if you’re anxious to fill the position, take time to thoroughly interview the candidate. Check references. Solicit input from others in the company. Cover all bases before extending an offer (and make the final offer contingent upon passing other requirements, such as drug testing or more thorough background checks).
  • Put it in writing. Provide a clear, detailed offer letter that describes the offer and conditions of employment in full. This should be signed by the applicant and returned to the company.

And don’t stop at the hiring process—be sure to make the new arrival feel welcome.

“Introduce them to other employees, take them on a tour of the office, ensure they have the proper supplies and equipment to do their job, and impress upon them that they should feel comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance,” Poage said. “Remember, you never get a second chance at making a good first impression.”
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