How Micro Moments Drive Buying Decisions

14072998_sMicro-Moments = intent-rich moments when we need to know, go, do, or buy

Digital marketing is here to stay, and small business owners need get a handle on the way the buying habits of their customers have changed.  We need to capture those Micro Moments to keep customers buying from us.  If we don’t, our customers will go somewhere else and we will be looking around and asking stupid questions like…”Where did all my customers go?”  and “Why didn’t I see this coming?”

Below are notes from a Google / YP conference that I attended in the last 30 days.  Frankly – the information  scared the “!$%&*@#” out of me.  I’m supposed to know things that can have a positive impact on my clients, but at the time of this presentation, I realized like Sgt Schultz used to say…. “I KNOW NOTHING!!!”

I’m working to change that,  and I will be sharing my journey with my clients, joint venture partners, my readers and anyone else that is willing to listen.  This change could be bigger than ACA or the FLSA change due in December.

Making realistic, strategic and success driven changes in the Marketing Strategy for today small business owner requires a TEAM of people.   Business Owner, coaches / consultant, and someone knowledgeable in digital (Email Marketing) and Social Media Marketing to reach prospective buyer early-on their ‘Buyers Journey”.  Gone are the days that just having a web page, and being on Facebook, would be enough.  Today, you need to measure and look for improvements in all the customer contact steps between the prospect first hearing about you to the point they become your “Raving Fan” – and all steps in between.
My meeting notes………………………………………………
YP is one of 30 Special Partners that work together to serve business of all sizes.
Google is doing 100B searches globally each day.
  • 94% of the digital population is accessed by Google each day
  • 47% of all information consumed today is digital but only 25% of businesses marketing / Adv budget is spent on digital
  • 52% of searches are done on mobil devices
  • Mobil users, today, look at their more than 150x/day
  • 88% buyers research online,  then buy offline
Digital Media TRUTHS…
  1. Intent trumps Identity – we may know who we want to target (Ideal Client) but wouldn’t we be more interested in connecting with people that have a clear INTENT to purchase our product or service?
  2. Immediacy trumps Loyalty – no matter how loyal we are to a product, service or person, if our need is great enough (Immediacy) the prospect will take action.
  3. Your customers Expect Strong Branding – be on page 1
  4. You dont have to overthink this – outsource to people that are experts.  The days of doing this effectively by yourself have passed.
Nomophobia:  fear of being without power source or service area
Micro-Moments = intent-rich moments when we need to know, go, do, or buy
Micro Moments are made up of the intersection of 3 things
  1. Intent – buyers journey:  Awareness, Consideration, Decision
  2. Context:  Time of Day, Device Used, Location
  3. Immediacy
Google believes buyers want to…
  • Watch Video – 53% watch video each day
  • Know – 65% search for information
  • Go  – ‘Near me” searches have doubled in the last year
  • Do – 91% use a mobil device while doing a project
  • Buy – using mobil device to buy
“Today, we don’t go online, we LIVE online”
Speed Trills, Friction Kills:  > 3 seconds will loose 40% of traffic
If your websites/landing pages are too slow, over 40% of traffice will leave after 3 seconds
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