A leader can significantly impact workforce development and employee performance. Whether the impact is positive or negative is often the direct result of communication management and their understanding of each other’s work habits and style.

Leaders who are “out of touch” with their employees often cause low productivity, dwindling morale, and high employee turnover. On the other hand, employees who feel a connection to their leader are often highly productive and engaged in their work.  Having a greater understanding of the dynamics of their working relationship will help both parties appreciate where their perspectives are similar and where they differ. This mutual understanding will result in a more productive and positive working relationship.

Advanced Business Coaching has helped develop successful teams in a broad range of businesses and industries.  There is a wide selection of assessment tools to help determine the current dynamics at work within an established team, or the potential impact of a newly formed team.

Why It’s Important?   Every team is responsible for outputs that meet its stakeholders’ quality standards.  Great teams don’t just happen, and hope that “things will get better” is not a strategy.  Teams need the time, opportunity and guidance to address and overcome predictable challenges in order to reach superior performance.  Over time you can expect  to see …Team alignment with organizational goals,  members learn to think and work together efficiently and creatively,  reduced interpersonal friction and tension, greater employee satisfaction and retention, and overall improved team performance.