Key To Building Raving Fans in Your Business = TRUST

3D man puzzle piecesIt is well documented that it is more affordable to retain an existing customer than to find a new one; most references sight a savings of six times. Not only do we want these customers to stay, but we want them to become raving fans.

This level of commitment is built on establishing trust, based upon the following:

  • Reliability: Can your customers count on, and find you reliable enough to fulfill your commitments and keep your promises? Life is filled with unexpected events; any consistency you can provide, will be a welcome change.
  • Competence: Do you demonstrate that you know what you are doing? Is your quality of service high enough for customers to want to come back again and again?
  • Rapport: Have you invested in getting to know your clients well? Do you know simple things like their names or their favorite product, etc.?
  • Vulnerability: Are you willing to admit when you have made a mistake? Will you go the extra mile when something is not done correctly, and accept responsibility rather than blame it on something (or someone else)? Nothing demonstrates commitment like accountability.
  • Loyalty: Will you do what is right for the client (even if it does not maximize your benefit)? Will you continue to treat your clients/ customers in a ‘special’ manner?

Most customers move onto other businesses, because they do not believe the business cares about them. By establishing trust first, you can build a dedicated client/customer list that in turn, will include your true raving fans, and help you build the business you want.

Finding ways to build trust can be difficult, if you’d like to learn more about the dozens of ways you can do that with your customers, call Advanced Business Coaching at 262.293.3166.