The short answer is YES.  It will take time, it will not all be easy or simple and will take some planning, but it is absolutely possible.

You’ve built the business.  You’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into its planning and growth.   You’ve given it your all; invested in inventory, hired and trained your family and others as employees and bent over backwards to serve your customers.
There have been times that you really love the business… helping your customers, supporting your employees and growing your, then there’s the other times that left you frustrated, alone and not knowing if you could go forward.
For all the plans that you’ve made, all the ‘To-Do’s’ put on a list, all the projections and conversations asking ‘what-if…’,it was all to avoid problems, grow sales, increase your customer base and improve profitability.  Never did you take any time to plan for your business exit or how you were going to truly transition the business to your family member or key employee.
Its not that planning for this part of your future wasn’t important – because you know it is, its just that there were other priorities and your time was better spent on something else that was a more important.
But now – here you are.  You have a profitable business and you’d like to know that there is really going to be an opportunity to have your business really provide you the retirement that you’ve talked about, but probably haven’t planned because you were really sure it could happen.
  1. Allow Yourself To Dream.  Often our dreams take a subordinate position to other things in our lives.  Let yourself go and imagine what your life ‘could’ be life after the business.
  2. Pick a Date.  Selecting a date can create some anxiety.  Don’t worry, you can always change the date, but there is magic in the exercise of selecting a date and putting it down  on paper.
 I wish you all the insight and wisdom need to set your plans in place.  Until next week.
Health, Happiness and Abundance
Michael Stelter
Advanced Business Coaching, Inc.