Customer Experience (CX) – How to Get Your Customers To Love You…

customer experience

Customer Experience (CX)

Step one, straight forward and simple… If you want to make your customers love you, make it ridiculously easy to contact you or your organization. Facebook, Twitter, Live Chat, LinkedIn, websites, blogs, instant messenger tools… need I go on? With so many social platforms, there is no excuse to not make your organization easily accessible to your clients, customers, and colleagues.

A year or so ago, I participated in a webinar with the great folks at Hubspot. I had to hop off mid-webinar to take a call, but I desperately wanted the recording and slides. Instead of having to call, check the website, etc., I simply clicked on the hashtag for the event and found my answer. To make my life even easier, the webinar presenter, (who saw a tweet I sent out) even messaged me to say that I could contact him if I had further questions. A perfect example of great communication and customer service.

Hmm? Listen
You may have the best sales pitch out there. That’s wonderful for you, but don’t assume that your prospects need exactly what you’re selling. Make them love you by helping solve THEIR issues. Find out their goals and help them get there. A few weeks ago, I was on a call with a major phone company (who will remain nameless). My family is in Ireland, so needless to say, I make a lot of international phone calls and texts. I spent almost an hour on the phone with a rep trying to explain what I wanted in terms of an international phone plan, and debating the obscene overage charges after a recent trip home. After 90 minutes and one transfer to a supervisor, I got nowhere, I was too frustrated and got off the call. I found what I wanted online and purchased a smaller plan. I am also in the market for a new phone and due an upgrade. Not once on the call did the representative mention or discuss that with me. No one tried to help me solve my issue. Train your staff, your frontline staff especially, to listen to customers and clients. Though my issue was resolved, I wasn’t very forgiving of the rep who wasted 90 minutes of my day.

Train your team
Continuing the above point: train your team, and train all of them. Do you ever wonder how Apple maintains such astronomical sales? The answer isn’t just their outstanding product range and Steve Job’s vision, but their unique selling system. Everyone hired to work at an Apple store must complete an intense 14 day training program and exercise lessons learned daily on the sales floor. Learn more about the Genius Training Student Workbook. Consumers are smarter than ever and the market is more competitive than ever. Make sure that your ‘moment of truth’ (the moment your company first makes contact with a customer) is meaningful and unforgettable.
Build actual relationships
Don’t just tell your customers and clients that you value them. Show them! Keeping this perspective will show your customers that you care about them as more than just another number in this quarter’s profits. You can build a more personal relationship by having more than one source within each company. If they have an issue that you can’t solve, send them to a colleague or other business acquaintances. The customer will remember that you helped them solve their problem. This will also help you gain a wider perspective on customer satisfaction and needs.

Check in
I have used hundreds of different tools in the past few years, from marketing and PR tools to social media platforms and organizational solutions. Some are free, some paid for. Often, a few months can go by, and I realize I may have neglected one or more of these tools. The main reason that I start using them again? A representative checking in with me. Sometimes this is a check-in phone call, a personal email, an email blast, or even a link to a blog reminding me about the reason I began using the tool in the first place. In today’s society, we are all subject to information overload and in a hurry to try out the latest and greatest app or tool on the market. We stay consistent and loyal to those that are more than efficient; they provide us with excellent customer service.

Finally, be passionate about what you do, and believe in yourself and your organization. If you don’t, you may be in the wrong position. Take care of your customers and your products/services will sell themselves. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, take a step back and really think… Do our customers LOVE us? What can we do better?

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