Case Study: 27% Growth While Owner Is Away


Heavy Equipment Repossession 

Business To Business


Client Situation – AT A GLANCE


Business Is Reorganized To Allow 27% Growth While The Owner Is Away!


  • Revenue streams were concentrated 60% on 2 clients.
  • Partner disengaged from the business.
  • Employees compensated by salary with incentive pay or production goals
  • Loosing $50,000/month


  • Established Key Performance metrics in Production, Sales and Customer Service.
  • Adjusted compensation plan adjustment to provide above-average income to strong producers
  • Diversified customer base so that no customer is responsible for more than 20% of monthly revenues


  • Made necessary expense reductions to get to Break Even within 60 days.
  • Negotiated a transition of 100%business ownership to manger-owner.
  • Margin contribution goals from all producers with incentive pay for strong performance.
  • Increase Sales by 135% in 2 years
  • Created an Organization that allowed the business owner to be away from the business for 6 months.


Frustrations of business ownership, flat sales over the past 4 years, lack of employee productivity and accountability, and a partner that was disengaged from day-to-day operations while continuing to take a significant salary were all symptoms of the pain being experience by this service provider to the financial services industry.

An existing client referred this business owner to Advanced Business Coaching in hopes that we could provide a path through the challenges they were experiencing.  After a thorough Evaluation / Alignment with the client, team members,  vendors and suppliers, we were able to see a clear picture of the current   situation and present a 36 month Road Map to achieve the longer-term goals envisioned by the business owner.

Immediate focus was placed on expense reduction and strengthening the  balance sheet of the business.  Cutting costs, liquidation of assets and alternative financing options were evaluated and implemented over the first 60 days to stop the ‘financial bleeding’.  During this period, we also  developed a clear understanding of employee productivity and how that   related to Margin contribution to the business.

Development of a new compensation plan that rewarded high performing   employees was implemented within the first 90 days.  Adjustments in  employee new-hire process, employee assessments, supervisor deliverables and clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of all employees created a pro-active environment of growth and profitability for the company.

Over the first 12-24 months, regular team meetings focused on short-term deliverables for each department, combined with updates on company successes and failures, created an culture of trust within the team and a willingness to work together to grow the business.  At the end of the second year of working together, revenues had increased by 135%, while net profits grew to 11.5% monthly.

The strength and commitment of the team was proven when the owner was afflicted with a life-threatening health condition.  He was completely  disengaged from the business for over 6 months.  During that time, the  Advanced Business Coaching Leadership team provided leadership insight and guidance and direction the business management team.  During that time away,  the business revenues grew by 27% and net profits increased by 32%.

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