Planning for the time when you want to EXIT your business is not what entrepreneur’s do – until they have to.  Business owners rarely take time to plan their exit, or how they’ll transition the business to their child, key employee, new owner or competitor.  Being able to successfully transition your business, and allow you to meet your personal financial goals is the ‘Holy Grail’ for most small business owners.

The development, design and implementation of this plan is not be to taken lightly.  Its success will mean the fulfillment of your personal goals and objectives that will have a significant impact on the next stage in your life.  It will also have a huge impact on the new owner of your business and the employees that have helped you build the business.  Your legacy and reputation may be impacted by the successful implementation of this plan.  Don’t leave it chance.

This is not a short-term plan.   Success usually requires 3-5 years of focused and directed action by you, and your team, to move through the ROAD-MAP that will get you to your goals.  The plan will include SMART goals, detailed metrics, specific tactics and strategies to achieve during the process of getting you to your business transition goal.