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Digital Marketing: Should You Hire an Employee, Pay a Firm, or Do It Yourself?

14664976_sSmall business marketing can mean the difference between success and insolvency.

What’s your best option for getting started?

I saw this article this morning from Manta and wanted to share it with you… great stuff!

Marketing budgets are tight—even nonexistent—for small business owners. But digital marketing is key to retaining your customers and attracting new ones. Let’s say you’ve set aside a budget or budgeted some time for marketing. Where do you begin?

You begin by deciding which is right for you: hiring a marketing employee, hiring a marketing firm or doing it yourself.

What’s the right move for your business? Here’s a chart with the pros and cons of each of option:


IDEAL FOR:Established employers

Businesses with sales that fluctuate throughout the year

Businesses that rely on marketing & advertising to drive sales

Businesses with the revenue to support a dedicated marketing employee

Businesses with the revenue to fund a marketing expense budget to be spent on tools, collateral & campaigns

NOT IDEAL FOR:One-person businesses

Companies that operate on shoestring or variable budgets.

Businesses that generate consistent, sales through referrals, RFPs or other business development avenues

Companies that already have all the business they can handle should not invest heavily in marketing unless it supports a growth plan.


IDEAL FOR:Businesses who can’t afford full-time help, but can support a small to medium investment in order to grow

Businesses who only need occasional help (say, around a launch campaign or website refresh) on a project basis

NOT IDEAL FOR:Business owners who prefer to work daily on-site with their full team

Businesses with largely fluctuating incomes that cannot guarantee paying invoices on time each month


IDEAL FOR:Very small businesses that don’t have the option of hiring

Businesses that have been relying on word-of-mouth referrals, rather than marketing for business development

Business owners with marketing training or experience

Owners who supplement their DIY with affordablemarketing tools & products

NOT IDEAL FOR:Small companies with multiple lines of business or complex marketing needs

Businesses heading into a growth period

Business owners unexperienced with marketing concepts & strategies

Business owners without a moderate amount of time to devote to marketing on a regular, consistent basis

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Michael Stelter

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