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Business Growth

Whether you’re just starting your business or have been at it for years, if you need to grow revenue and profit, I provide proven principles, practices, tools and techniques that can help you generate balanced growth in all areas of your business.

Success Stories

The definition of ‘Success’ is different for every business owner. It could be more time with family and loved ones, more money to do the things you’d live to do, or increased quality of life. How ever my clients define their success is where we focus our time, effort and energy.

Leadership Development

Employees who feel a connection to their leader are often highly productive and engaged in their work. Having a greater understanding of the dynamics of the working relationship between leader and employee will help both parties appreciate where their perspectives are similar and where they differ.

Hiring the Right People

Great organizations know that success begins with hiring the right people. Too many organizations makes crucial hiring decisions based on impressions (background, resume, interview) rather than data. The new hiring assessment empowers organizations to navigate the competitive talent landscape with confidence and ease.

`` Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts. ``

Winston S. Churchill

Coach Michael

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Michael Stelter is an Award-Winning Business & Executive Coach, Marketing Specialist and Leadership Trainer specializing in Business Growth & HR Talent Management. Proven success in helping businesses with less than 50 employees to gain extraordinary results in a very short period of time with improved productivity, employee retention, new hire job fit, succession planning and increasing profitability.

About Me

Michael Stelter

Business Coach

Michael Stelter of Advanced Business Coaching is an Award Winning Business and Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer and Small Business Expert. Specializing in Business Growth, Leadership Development, Team Building & HR Talent Management. Decades of proven success in helping business owners gain extraordinary results in a very short period of time with improved productivity, increasing profits, employee retention, new hire job fit, and succession planning. Michael has helped his clients achieve their goals through a combination of proven coaching and consulting principles, practices, tools and techniques.


Five Things You Can Expect Working With Coach Michael


Have someone to hold you responsible for your goals and objectives.


Stay on track with a coach who takes a focused approach for your business.


Get real feedback for your business highs and lows.

No Judgment

Work with a professional who desires results and nothing else.


Improve for the better, grow for tomorrow.

Happy Clients

Todd M. Minter
Human Resources Manager
Rite-Hite Holding Corporation

“Michael has been very helpful to our organization in implementing and utilizing the Profiles XT.  With Michael’s help, we can use the Profiles XT to quickly and cost effectively assess behaviors, interests, and cognitive abilities for candidates throughout the US and abroad and, most importantly, compare that information to the traits of successful people in those roles.  In todays competitive talent market, being able to not just make the right decision on a potential hire, but do so in a timely manner, is crucial to the success of any business, and the Profiles XT helps us do just that.”
Michael J. Madson
ColorWheel Painting

“Michael is a powerful catalyst for exponential positive change.  As a man, he is one who has walked in your shoes, struggled, still has struggles, and continues to earn his rights and place in life.  He is a perfect example of accountability, responsibility, action, and results.  He is one of few men I encounter with an intrinsic understanding of right and wrong, moral from the immoral, compassion, and understanding.  He is a man that will help you see your world in a new light, identify troubles, work through challenges, find answers, and quite honestly, give you consequence for poor action that you’d never give yourself.  He will be there for you, challenge you, push you, and if YOU listen, if YOU work hard, if YOU work smart, and if YOU take action; he will be there to celebrate and acknowledge your accomplishments (just be sure to give him a little credit).”
Chris Hugi
ETA Technology Services

“Mike Stelter has provided our company, ETA Technology Services, with a wealth of knowledge and understanding in regards to organizing, planning, and structuring our small business.  Mike has been an outstanding coach and has helped us focus on parts of our business in areas that may have been overlooked without his direction and knowledge.  He is everything from a coach, to a business partner, a friend, a sounding board, and a confidant.  He encompasses everything a business owner needs to make their organization a success in the short-term as well as in the long-term.”

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